Weekend Story

Silver Moon Intro/ Chapter 1

Welcome readers and happy Friday the 13th. Despite the day, there is no bad luck here. A new short story for you to enjoy. This is the first chapter. Please comment below and let me know what you think. If you like what you read, subscribe for updates and more content.


Chapter 1- Crimson Fangs

“Stupid school.”

On a tranquil field, surrounded by grey and tall bleachers, were a flock of blue and white fabric. Jerseys drenched in sweat, pompoms wavering in the breeze, and shouting that flooded the stands.

Few occupied the seats as the football team tossed the ball across the artificial field. Seated close the scoreboard, was one boy in particular. Lost in the digital screen of a sleek red console, the boy cursed as he peeked at the action.

“Waste of time.” He huffed in silence. Despite others being close by, he wasn’t a fan of company. What he loved was fiction. The sights of red pixels spilling from his enemies, the textures of the landscapes, and the adrenaline that came from the adventure. Who wouldn’t want that?

Greg did. He buried himself in the virtual world.

Reality was boring in his eyes. He no longer worried about being popular or liked. He, in the virtual world, could be a king. He could be a warrior. He could be anything he wanted. And no; no one could tell him otherwise.

“Surprise surprise.”

‘Crap.’ He hissed as he furrowed his eyebrows and cut his gaze to his left. By his side arrived a girl with blue hair and auburn eyes. Her milky skin complemented the blue shirt draped over her torso, the black jeans that flowed along her thighs, and the boldness of her dark laced boots.

“Why hello Hellen.” He rolled his eyes.

“Greg the flea.”

“Oh, it’s a flea this week. That’s better than,” He paused placing his finger on his chin, “The louse.” He said with a scowl.

“The point is made clear huh freak.” She said with her hands hovering over her hips. With a quick slam of her foot, she stepped closer and took an unwelcomed seat.

“Can I help you?” Greg questioned scooting away from the female. He wouldn’t have argued about staying close to the smell of lilac and honey. If she wasn’t his personal devil that is. Forget the angel on the shoulder, she stabbed him with a pike and barbequed him long before he descended from heaven.

“What you do think? I just came to watch the real men play.” With a coy smirk, she leaned over and looked at his game.

“What game this time? Loner’s Adventure 3?”

“Zombie Commander 2 actually.” He corrected.

The harsh laugh that erupted from deep within her bravado rubbed him harshly. She slapped her knee and caused a lot of unwanted attention.

“No wonder you don’t have a girlfriend?” She announced.

“Don’t need one.” He shrugged pressing the buttons furiously as he fought against a massive zombie.

“Oh really.” She rested her cheek on the back of her hand, “Lonely wolf Greg. You know what. That actually fits you pretty well.”

She stood and started to walk away.

“But wait.” She said halting in place.

“I’m not that bad of a person y’know.”

He chucked under his breath.

“Says who?” He gaffed.

“Everyone who meets me.”

“Wow. Usually, everyone runs in terror of your towering size.” He shot back.

“Grew some did we.” She smirked and crept back his way.

“But you know what makes this moment worthwhile.” She said with a bold roll of her tongue. A chill raced up his spine as her face came to close to his. Her breath, hinted with wintergreen peppermint, was brushing his neck. Goosebumps rose against his will and he tried to focus harder on his mission and less on the distraction.

“Seeing a man cry!” She shouted grabbing his game and rushing off down the stairs. Bewildered and in shock, he looked to the others who were being nosy. One boy, with the reputation of drawing on the principal’s personal Porsche with red paint, stared his way.

“Get back here.” He screamed.

Down the stands and through the parking lot, he raced after Helen. Knowing her long legs would always keep her a few feet ahead of him. She would look back occasionally and hurl a taunt at him. Once she reached the school’s main entrance, she tossed his game into the nearest dumpster.

She didn’t stop as she distanced herself from the scene of the crime. Tired and huffing, Greg looked at her with a fire burning deep in his chest. And it wasn’t from the sudden surge of physical activity.

“You see Wolf,” She called out, “Losers always end up in the dumps. Enjoy your game.” She said before making her exit.

The smell alone pushed him away, but he wasn’t ready to give up his 100 dollar system. He worked hard for that thing and he wanted to enjoy it.

Lifting the lid, he checked his surrounding before diving head first into the pile of bile and trash.

After 10 minutes of dumpster swimming, Greg emerged and tagged along the sidewalk. Mixed in with his failures, were the smells of his recent defeat. Rotting in pity, he wandered the streets of his town.

Greystone. Population: who cares. Location: Out in the middle of who cares.

Greg hated everything about the civilization. Only good that came from it was the local game shop. He was a frequent there and felt at home. However, he didn’t even feel up to visiting Tom and his array of colored plastic and silver discs.

Instead, he came to Key Ring Park and sat on a bench. Close to the Never Woods, the park was mainly empty. Except for a few troublemakers who tormented a swarm of ants. After getting bitten by a few, the group ran off in a hurry.

‘Stupid kids.’

Finally alone, Greg reflected on his life. He had a sister, Shane, a loving mother and workaholic father. He wasn’t raised to love painting or drawing, or even to start his own business. He bettered his finger dexterity first and, above all things, looked out for himself only.

He was no hero. He could only save the innocent when he drew his sword or powered up his spells. In that world, he always had a choice to be happy. In Graystone, no such luck.

Helen didn’t make it any better either. He was tormented constantly by her and it was wearing thin. Still,


Greg’s head shot up as he looked at the forest’s edge. In the distance, he heard the faint movement of something running along the fence.

‘What was that?’ He perked up.

He looked around and wasn’t so happy about his solitude anymore. He rushed to his feet as the streetlights suddenly buzzed on. The faint illumination did little to deter his fears. He was alone and was a few blocks from his home. Not the best situation to be in.

Passing through the iron fence, he hurried along the sidewalk. His heart beat violently against his chest. His blood rushed as he heard things move around him. This was another problem he couldn’t understand. His parents chose to live in a community near the forest. Where all matter of creatures lived and hunted.

Anybody worth their merit knew that was a bad choice of occupancy.

He kept his pace and looked frantically from side to side; eyeing over his shoulder frequently. Feeling someone or something watching his every step, counting his every breath, and waiting. He would hear a dog bark in the distance and a person yelling for it shut up. But, they were too far away to help him if screamed.

He could see the glow emitting from his kitchen. His house was in just in reach.

‘Almost home. Just keep it to…’


A dark figure broke the walls of trees.

Greg stopped as his eyes met the animal before him. The darkness covered its body, but its scarlet eyes and sharp teeth pierced the night.

Frozen, Greg put up his hands and backed away. He knew it wasn’t a friendly dog but a wolf that prowled the area. He’d seen them so often around hunting for rabbits and deer. His sister would call him crazy since she’s never seen them.

There was no doubt in his mind what stood before him and the fear that gripped his mind.

“Hey boy,” He said with a shaky voice, “It’s okay. I’m j-j-ust heading home.”

The creature stayed in place, mesmerized by Greg’s presence.

“It’s okay. Yo-u can go home… now and I will too.” He reasoned. With each careful step, he shuffled onto the street and around the animal.

Seeing that it didn’t move an inch, he arrived on the other side of the street.

‘Almost there,’ He assured himself, ‘I can make it.’

“Greg!” He turned to the opened door of his home and his sister waving him down, “Mom said hurry up. Dinner’s ready.”

He didn’t respond but looked back to the beast.

‘Where did it..’

It was gone. Vanished. He only looked away for a moment.

He looked up and down the long sidewalk.


‘It must have run home.’

He wiped the sweat from his forehead.

‘Phew, that was close.’

Turning to his house, he responded, “Coming.”


Greg looked over his shoulder as the red eyes and gleaming row of teeth came for him.

Raising up his arm in defense, it tore into his flesh. Greg screamed as blood gushed from the wound and covered the animal’s dark fur.

He tried to pull his arm free from the monster’s iron grip.

“Greg!” His heard his sister scream from behind.

It quickly let go and ran back toward the forest. He held his injury close to his body. Amidst the pain, he watched his attacker retreat. Instead of scurrying away like a criminal caught in the act, it stared at him.

He saw, in the creatures’ eyes, a declaration. Marking him as its prey. He didn’t know what it wanted or why it attacked, but it soon melded with the shadows and vanished from sight.

Leaving Greg to his own devices and blood.


That’s the first chapter. Tell me what you think in comments. Happy Friday the 13th.

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