Author Corner

Being a Writer Can Suck Sometime

Hey Readers,

Just an update from your favorite writer. Unfortunately, being a writer, especially a newer one, doesn’t mean your passion equating a full-time occupation. Since my boring job is having me work this weekend, I’ve had little time to write Chapter 2 of my Silver Moon story.

But don’t you worry. It will be updated soon.

Additionally, don’t forget my Summer Book Giveaway. 14 days from now, May 4-6, my first novel, Origin of Chaos, will be free for download on Amazon. Please take advantage of this opportunity. And, if you kindly, please leave a review.

Though I’m knee high in work this weekend, enjoy your weekend and share a book while you’re at it. What are you reading this weekend? Comment below!

Until next time.

-David T.

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