Author Corner

Thank You Everyone!

Happy Monday Readers,

Thank you all for participating in my Summer Book Giveaway. I hope you all enjoy my novel and please leave a review if you can.

I wanted to express my gratitude by sharing a quote that inspires me to no end.

“The closer one gets to the top, the more finds there is no top” -Nancy Barcus

This saying sums up success to me.

Many could say that success is making it big. Being able to have all the latest iPhones, buying exotic cars, and having the money to buy an island.

Though that sounds legit; success is a little less shiny.

To me, success is the self-gratification of doing what makes you happy. If you become famous because of that, great. However, success should bring joy, not destruction.

Think about that.

All in all, thanks again to everyone who download a copy of my book and don’t worry. The next book is coming soon. Now that my college finals are almost over.

Have an awesome evening.

-David T.

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