Author Corner

Writer’s Update

Greetings Readers,

Your favorite author is back at it and boy do I have news for you.

With my finals done, I can finally get back to work with the second book of my Essentia Series.

However, one of the most difficult challenges every writer will face came knocking on my door today.

That’s right.

Creating the book title.


A nightmare right. Still, you must persevere. Despite me kicking and screaming, I find it fun at the same time. It’s just another step that proves how far you’ve come as a writer. The merit of an author isn’t the number of books but the bravery and fortitude to publish that first one.

For my first book, it took me almost 4 years to complete it. And yet here it is. Origin of Chaos available at your local Amazon webpage.

Thankfully, the work of an author/writer is never done. Continue your journey as I will continue mine. I will continue to keep you up to date on the second book’s progress as well.

Keep strong readers.

-David T.

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