Author Corner

Book 2 Title Revealed

Happy Friday Readers

No better day than Friday. The precursor to a fantastic break from work, school and all things stressful. For me, however, it is also a time to reflect on this week’s accomplishments. One of those accomplishments was figuring out the title for my second book.

Exciting right?

You ready? (Drumroll)

The second book of the Essentia Series is

“The Rise of Judgement”

Catchy isn’t it. Don’t worry my friends, this is just one step closer to a complete product. Much like writing, I’ve had to learn other skills too as an author. How to market, how to edit and how to have a sense of humor.

You have to enjoy the process as well or else your next book will be nothing but a painful agonizing gore fest of bloody fingers and shattered keyboards.

Work hard and you will reap from your labor.

Until next time, stay motivated readers.

-David T.

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