Author Corner

The Return

Evening Fellow Readers,

My apologies for being absent for about a month but being in the military I can be pulled away for some time. Thankfully I have returned to deliver smiles across the web.

On a lighter note, who has seen the new Incredibles movie?

If you haven’t, I totally recommend that you give it a try. It was everything I was praying for.

Nowadays, people are skeptical of sequels. Especially of beloved animated movies, we grew up with. This movie delivered way more than I expected. There was a great story, loving characters, believable situations, and beautiful animation.

Totally worth the time and money. Anyhow, this movie inspired me. To make a great movie is just like making a great book. The only disadvantage is that the writer is responsible for painting the picture of everything that is happening.

We may have it hard but it is possible to bring our vision into reality.

If you saw the Incredibles 2 movie, what did you think? Comment below and enjoy your weekend.

Until next time.

-David T.

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