Smile Report

True Beauty

Happy Monday Everyone,

Let’s start the week off with a question.

What is beauty?

The outward appearance of a person or the inner personality?

Only your personal experiences can define that for you. However, remember that one has more weight to it.

In my own life, I found that what’s inside matters most. Why? Because, despite not being the most attractive in the world, people gravitate toward kindness.

For instance, if you have two friends, one who is hot but rude and the other is not and generous, who would you hang out with more?

I say the generous friend because they will have my best interest at heart and not blow me off when we plan to hang out or eat all the food in my fridge.

Still, this is personal opinion. But, here is a quote to ponder over today.

“Beauty is the soul striving to make itself visible.”

What does your heart say about you?

Until next time readers.

-David T.

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