Author Corner

Iron Armor Activate

Happy Saturday Readers,

Your favorite author is back at it again with another new picture. In my novel, Origin of Chaos, I gifted each character with a unique ability.

David Harrington, not only possessing a power he hates, learns to transform his skin into metal plating for both offense and defense. As depicted below.

Now, you may be wondering where I got this idea from. Well, I love anime. No really love it. If any of you have ever seen Fairy Tale and the character Gajeel, that will explain everything. It’s harder to explain the power in writing but David isn’t a dragon slayer. More like a Banshe Slayer.

Still, just like any other artist or writer, I draw my inspiration from those who have inspired me. Anyway, tell me what you think. There will more drawings to come of the characters. Just stick around.

P.S. Standby for a 4th of July special on my first novel, Origin of Chaos.

Until Next Time

-David T.

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