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Get Back UP

Happy Monday Readers, Today, I was inspired to share this quote with you. It means a lot to work hard and achieve something in life. However, many of us don't like the process. But the journey is just as important as the destination. Remember my friends, as you work toward your goals, you will stumble… Continue reading Get Back UP

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David Harrington: The Hero

Hello readers, To add a little spice to my life and yours, I'm going to start back drawing. To start off this journey, I will start making concept drawings of each of the characters of my Essentia series. Including the villains. Who will be the first you may ask? David of course. A personal favorite.… Continue reading David Harrington: The Hero

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True Beauty

Happy Monday Everyone, Let's start the week off with a question. What is beauty? The outward appearance of a person or the inner personality? Only your personal experiences can define that for you. However, remember that one has more weight to it. In my own life, I found that what's inside matters most. Why? Because,… Continue reading True Beauty