Author Corner

Iron Armor Activate

Happy Saturday Readers, Your favorite author is back at it again with another new picture. In my novel, Origin of Chaos, I gifted each character with a unique ability. David Harrington, not only possessing a power he hates, learns to transform his skin into metal plating for both offense and defense. As depicted below. Now,… Continue reading Iron Armor Activate

Weekend Story

Curse of Silver Chapter 2

Happy Friday Readers, The next chapter of my short story is now available. Enjoy. Chapter 2 “How did this happen?” Greg didn’t know how to explain his strange predicament to his hyperventilating mother. “A mangy mutt bit me mom. That’s all.” He confessed. Unsure as to what attacked him. He assumed it was a wolf… Continue reading Curse of Silver Chapter 2

Author Corner

Life Can Suck Sometimes

Happy Friday readers, You know what sucks? No, not dropping your keys into a storm drain or losing your phone in a toilet. Life in general. Thankfully, we are equipped and capable of overcoming any adversity. It doesn't matter what obstacles it is; trust in yourself and dedicate yourself to self-improvement. Speaking of hardships and… Continue reading Life Can Suck Sometimes