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I am a self-published author based out of Washington D.C. I now work in Administration and is working toward a Bachelor’s in Chemistry. I am married and I enjoy long walks, video games, and watching movies. My journey to being a writer and author was birthed from my love of books. Books were like a treasure that anyone could find. It wasn’t buried underground but between other books. Coming from a humble beginning, I came to appreciate the hard work that writers had to put forth.

Now, I self-published my first fiction novel in late 2017 named the Origin of Chaos.

This is the first of my Young Adult Essentia Series. During that time of writing and publishing, I gained quite a bit of knowledge that I am happy to pass on to those who hope to follow in the author’s footsteps.

I mainly write Fantasy/Adventure novels, but I do dabble in the Thriller/Horror side of the spectrum. Overall, I like to write and will do my best to provide the world with grade A content.

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