Greetings fellow readers, I bring a new quote to the block. "Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going." -Jim Ryun We've all heard the saying that practice makes perfect. Well, habits are made from practice. Even if its a bad habit like watching too much tv, eating out too often,... Continue Reading →

4th of July Sale

Happy 4th of July Readers, As we celebrate our freedom and remember those who gave their lives to secure it, please take a moment to pay respects to those who paid the ultimate price. Also, my book, Origin of Chaos is currently on sale. 25% off for the next 2 days. Spread the word, and... Continue Reading →

Iron Armor Activate

Happy Saturday Readers, Your favorite author is back at it again with another new picture. In my novel, Origin of Chaos, I gifted each character with a unique ability. David Harrington, not only possessing a power he hates, learns to transform his skin into metal plating for both offense and defense. As depicted below. Now,... Continue Reading →

David Harrington: The Hero

Hello readers, To add a little spice to my life and yours, I'm going to start back drawing. To start off this journey, I will start making concept drawings of each of the characters of my Essentia series. Including the villains. Who will be the first you may ask? David of course. A personal favorite.... Continue Reading →

The Return

Evening Fellow Readers, My apologies for being absent for about a month but being in the military I can be pulled away for some time. Thankfully I have returned to deliver smiles across the web. On a lighter note, who has seen the new Incredibles movie? If you haven't, I totally recommend that you give... Continue Reading →

Book 2 Title Revealed

Happy Friday Readers No better day than Friday. The precursor to a fantastic break from work, school and all things stressful. For me, however, it is also a time to reflect on this week's accomplishments. One of those accomplishments was figuring out the title for my second book. Exciting right? You ready? (Drumroll) The second... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Update

Greetings Readers, Your favorite author is back at it and boy do I have news for you. With my finals done, I can finally get back to work with the second book of my Essentia Series. However, one of the most difficult challenges every writer will face came knocking on my door today. That's right.... Continue Reading →

Life Can Suck Sometimes

Happy Friday readers, You know what sucks? No, not dropping your keys into a storm drain or losing your phone in a toilet. Life in general. Thankfully, we are equipped and capable of overcoming any adversity. It doesn't matter what obstacles it is; trust in yourself and dedicate yourself to self-improvement. Speaking of hardships and... Continue Reading →

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