11 Days Left

Evening readers, Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Just a quick update on the upcoming Summer Giveaway. 11 Days remain until my first YA Adventure Fantasy novel, Origin of Chaos, becomes free for download on Amazon. Take advantage of this opportunity and start your summer with some CHAOS. -David T.

Being a Writer Can Suck Sometime

Hey Readers, Just an update from your favorite writer. Unfortunately, being a writer, especially a newer one, doesn't mean your passion equating a full-time occupation. Since my boring job is having me work this weekend, I've had little time to write Chapter 2 of my Silver Moon story. But don't you worry. It will be... Continue Reading →

16 Days Left

Hello readers Just an update and reminder for the up and coming Summer Giveaway. 16 Days from today, my first novel and the first of my Essentia Series, will be available for free download on Amazon. Please take advantage of this opportunity and please leave a review too if you can. Mark your calendars. 4-6 May... Continue Reading →

Summer Giveaway Countdown

Do you like YA Fantasy Adventure? Do I have the book for you. Origin of Chaos. The first of my 3 part series will be available for free. That's right. FREE. From 4-6 May 2018 on Amazon. Mark your calendars and own your copy today.

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