Curse of Silver Chapter 2

Happy Friday Readers, The next chapter of my short story is now available. Enjoy. Chapter 2 “How did this happen?” Greg didn’t know how to explain his strange predicament to his hyperventilating mother. “A mangy mutt bit me mom. That’s all.” He confessed. Unsure as to what attacked him. He assumed it was a wolf... Continue Reading →

Silver Moon Intro/ Chapter 1

Welcome readers and happy Friday the 13th. Despite the day, there is no bad luck here. A new short story for you to enjoy. This is the first chapter. Please comment below and let me know what you think. If you like what you read, subscribe for updates and more content.   Chapter 1- Crimson... Continue Reading →

Weekend Tales of Wonder

Hello readers and welcome to the Eagle Blog's event premiere of the Weekend Tales of Wonder. Starting today, I will be provided short stories every Friday for all to enjoy. It's a chance to entertain my wonderful audience and to understand my own writing craft. So please, come right on in and enjoy the show.

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