So, not too long ago, I wrote about time management. That is happening to me right now. To put it plainly, always continue to improve your craft. With school and work now, I’m having to practice what I preach more than ever. To keep up with my writing, I have to take every opportunity I … More Life

Real Life

Hey Readers, So, this will have to short. Got a lot going on like school, work and life and all that. That is actually my next piece of advice. Time Management Let’s be honest. People are busy. School, relationships, work and a whole assortment of other complicated things. Still, you have to write; you have … More Real Life


Grant me this wish That no harm shall come But, what is the cost Blood, lives, money No, the will of man Lost to the iron ruler Made by the hands of his slaves Fear what you can’t see For a shadow haunts Terrorizing the dreams of men Wake up now children Or be lost … More Return