Hate It

Dont you just hate meThe burning of lifeStill you chase meSlyly named strifeStay away I tell youBut yet you comeSad and lacking tooAsking for someRelief or a solutionIt’s never that simpleAll you see is the situationNot the holes in your templeShattering roofs, cracking glassHow pitiful you areBut, not so fastThe answer isnt farIt’s actually close … More Hate It

Why me?

Why me? The fatal questFailed by manCalm but depressedVoid lifespan Taken by theeHorrid witchHolding the keyFalsely rich My anger growsDriven highThis sadness sowsTruth or lie I trusted youMy safe placeYet you failed tooJoy erase DTaylor 2/23/2020


Grant me this wish That no harm shall come But, what is the cost Blood, lives, money No, the will of man Lost to the iron ruler Made by the hands of his slaves Fear what you can’t see For a shadow haunts Terrorizing the dreams of men Wake up now children Or be lost … More Return