Origin of Chaos Anniversary!

Happy Saturday Readers! Do you like treats? Do you like fantasy and adventure? Do you like books? Well do I have a sale for you. To celebrate one year of Origin of Chaos being published, you can now purchase it for 30% off. Great right. Purchase your copy today on Amazon and share the word!... Continue Reading →

Iron Armor Activate

Happy Saturday Readers, Your favorite author is back at it again with another new picture. In my novel, Origin of Chaos, I gifted each character with a unique ability. David Harrington, not only possessing a power he hates, learns to transform his skin into metal plating for both offense and defense. As depicted below. Now,... Continue Reading →

The Return

Evening Fellow Readers, My apologies for being absent for about a month but being in the military I can be pulled away for some time. Thankfully I have returned to deliver smiles across the web. On a lighter note, who has seen the new Incredibles movie? If you haven't, I totally recommend that you give... Continue Reading →

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