So, not too long ago, I wrote about time management. That is happening to me right now. To put it plainly, always continue to improve your craft. With school and work now, I’m having to practice what I preach more than ever. To keep up with my writing, I have to take every opportunity I … More Life


Happy Thursday and late Happy Holidays! Took a much need break but still, there is work to be done. To continue the theme of writing advice, the next thing I want to bring up is advertising. This can prove daunting to a self-publisher. Even if you go the traditional route, advertisement is still a crucial … More Marketing


Happy Saturday, Ready for a new piece of Eagle Wisdom? Well, the next thing I  learned from this process of writing is to interact with our community. Yes, community. As a writer, we find that alone time is necessary. Time to think, time to write, and time to edit. A lot of editing. Now, I … More Choices!