Rise of a New Book

Good Evening Readers! It has been a minute. This past year has been a bit trying and unusual. Still, I’m happy to announce that the second book of the Essentia Series will be launching soon. YAY! If you haven’t read the first book, Origin of Chaos, click here to learn more and purchase your copy! … More Rise of a New Book

Hate It

Dont you just hate meThe burning of lifeStill you chase meSlyly named strifeStay away I tell youBut yet you comeSad and lacking tooAsking for someRelief or a solutionIt’s never that simpleAll you see is the situationNot the holes in your templeShattering roofs, cracking glassHow pitiful you areBut, not so fastThe answer isnt farIt’s actually close … More Hate It

Why me?

Why me? The fatal questFailed by manCalm but depressedVoid lifespan Taken by theeHorrid witchHolding the keyFalsely rich My anger growsDriven highThis sadness sowsTruth or lie I trusted youMy safe placeYet you failed tooJoy erase DTaylor 2/23/2020


So, not too long ago, I wrote about time management. That is happening to me right now. To put it plainly, always continue to improve your craft. With school and work now, I’m having to practice what I preach more than ever. To keep up with my writing, I have to take every opportunity I … More Life

Real Life

Hey Readers, So, this will have to short. Got a lot going on like school, work and life and all that. That is actually my next piece of advice. Time Management Let’s be honest. People are busy. School, relationships, work and a whole assortment of other complicated things. Still, you have to write; you have … More Real Life


Happy Thursday and late Happy Holidays! Took a much need break but still, there is work to be done. To continue the theme of writing advice, the next thing I want to bring up is advertising. This can prove daunting to a self-publisher. Even if you go the traditional route, advertisement is still a crucial … More Marketing