Happy Saturday, Ready for a new piece of Eagle Wisdom? Well, the next thing I  learned from this process of writing is to interact with our community. Yes, community. As a writer, we find that alone time is necessary. Time to think, time to write, and time to edit. A lot of editing. Now, I … More Choices!


You know. When I started this journey of being an author, I never thought about starting over. Well, here it is. I’m starting over from square one. But what have I learned so far from all this? Well, that’s what I’ll be talking about these next few weeks. In segments of Eagle Notes and here … More Redo!


Grant me this wish That no harm shall come But, what is the cost Blood, lives, money No, the will of man Lost to the iron ruler Made by the hands of his slaves Fear what you can’t see For a shadow haunts Terrorizing the dreams of men Wake up now children Or be lost … More Return